The Registrar Company

Use of TRC Name and Certification Mark/Logo

Rules for Use of Marks/Certificate

Upon Certification, the client is entitled to use the TRC Mark, the accreditation body logo/mark, and the certification of registration as evidence of certification.

  1. The Registered Firm is henceforth referred to as “registered”. Any and all reference to the certificate is considered a “Certification”. The term certified should not at any time be used in conjunction with product or service. When referring to the Certification, it is advisable to refer directly the Management System eliminating any misunderstanding regarding the product or service the organization provides.
  2. The TRC Mark MAY NOT, under any circumstances, be used directly on or closely associated with products in such a manner as to imply that the products themselves are Registered.
  3. Organizations whose product/service includes test, calibration or inspection reports may not use the TRC or accreditation body marks on their reports.
  4. When the TRC Mark is used, it must always be in conjunction with the company’s name and location. The Certificate number must also be present.
  5. The TRC Mark may be used only on correspondence, advertising, and promotional materials, which are related to the goods or services, referenced in the scope of the company Certification.
  6. Certified clients are permitted to use a statement on product packaging or in accompanying information that the certified client has a certified management system, providing that the statement in no way implies that the product, process or service is certified by this means and that the statement includes reference to all of the following: identification (e.g. brand or name) or the certified client; the type of management system (e.g. quality, environmental) and the applicable standard; and the certification body issuing the certificate. Product packaging is considered as that which can be removed without the product disintegrating or being damaged. Accompanying information is considered as separately available or easily detachable.
  7. The Registered Firm shall immediately, upon written notification, cease and desist use of the TRC Mark in any manner which TRC interprets as misleading.
  8. The Registered Firm shall immediately, upon written notification, cease all use of the TRC Mark, upon suspension or cancellation of their certificate.
  9. Any misuse of the TRC Mark is cause for suspension or cancellation of the Registered Firm’s Certificate of Certification.
  10. The TRC Mark shall be reproduced in black, gold or in the predominant color of the letterhead or printing on a clearly contrasting background. The size shall be such that all features of the symbol are clearly distinguishable, the length of a side being no less than one-fourth inch. The ANAB mark shall be reproduced only in black on a white or light-colored background or in blue (PMS 286 or equivalent) and red (PMS 485 or equivalent).
  11. If a Registered Firm desires to use the accreditation mark of the Accreditation Agency (ANAB) in conjunction with the TRC Registered Firm Symbol, the use of the accreditation mark shall be governed in accordance with paragraphs 1 through 7 above. The Accreditation Body’s mark may only be used if it accompanies the TRC Mark, with the marks as equal in size as is possible.
  12. The Registered Firm has the responsibility to take care of the use or representation of the Certification certificate. No Registered Firm may, at any time, infer that the certificate is applicable to any other location or site of the organization other than the one indicated on the face of the certificate.

TRC will review the use of marks and/or certificates during surveillance and re-certification activities. In the event the client is found to be out of compliance of requirements for use of the marks and/or certificates, TRC will require immediate action or the discontinued use of the marks and/or certificate. Representation of the certification is limited to the scope and locations identified on the certificate. If the client is unable to comply with the requirements for use of the marks and/or certificates, TRC may suspend or withdraw certification.