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About TRC

The Registrar Company, Inc. (TRC) was established in 1996 and accredited by ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (RAB) in 1997. It continues today to being one of the most value-added Registrars providing registration and training services to many organizations located throughout North America. TRC provides services to organizations seeking registration of their ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AS 9100, AS 9120 and AS 9003 quality management systems.

With offices in Dallas, Texas and Guelph, Ontario, TRC provides local registration services throughout North America. With over one hundred auditors located throughout North and South America, we provide the service of a national provider with the benefit s of being local.

As an accredited certification body, The Registrar Company (TRC) fully understands the importance of maintaining impartiality in providing management system certification services to its clients. TRC’s top management are committed to ensuring the impartiality of its certification services, the adherence to procedures for maintaining independence and objectivity, and the pro-active management of any threat of actual or perceived conflicts of interest affecting certifications.

TRC’s impartiality is monitored by a dedicated committee that assures impartiality of its certification services. Any questions relating to impartiality should be addressed to the TRC President, and may be reviewed by TRC’s Board of Directors.

Experience and Accreditation

Our Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Management Team, Auditors, and staff all have extensive experience or training in quality, quality audit, and quality management systems. We believe in the benefits and advantages of implementation and registration of a management system based on any one of the standards we offer. As such, we place customer satisfaction and value in the registration process at the forefront of our services.

TRC is accredited by the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB). ANAB is a member of the International Accreditation Forum Multilateral Recognition Agreement. For our clients, this means that the registration obtained from TRC is recognized across the globe.

Much like the registration activities that TRC performs, accreditation means TRC is required to maintain a quality management system based on accreditation requirements. We have standards to adhere to as well. Further, the ANAB and representatives of aerospace OEM’s review the activities of TRC’s office and its auditors on an annual basis to be certain that TRC continues to meet those requirements. By following these guidelines and advisories, TRC ensures that the services you receive consistently meet with approval of internal and external reviewers.

A well developed and implemented system can benefit a business in many ways. At TRC we believe that maintaining a quality management system should be a value-added part of an organization’s business management process. With this in mind, TRC ensures that each assessment generates feedback that will assist in improving the QMS and the business processes.

The TRC Difference

One of the key differences among Registrars is the skill and ability of their auditor team. Over the past twenty years, TRC has developed a strong and capable group of lead auditors that constantly provide value added services to our clients. Our auditors have extensive experience in applying ISO principles, procedures and techniques in the auditing of a management system. In addition, our auditors have relevant and detailed experience in the specific industry, such as aerospace or food that they are auditing.

In addition, all of our auditors have successfully become certified through one of the international certification organizations for ISO auditors.

With over one hundred and twenty-five qualified auditors, we have auditors located in the following jurisdictions:

Canada: British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario (located in twenty locations), Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland

United States: Florida, Texas, Colorado, Michigan, Pennsylvania, California, Oklahoma, New York, Utah, Connecticut, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Alabama, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Wisconsin 

Global: Germany, England, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, China, Taiwan, Turkey, New Zealand, Pakistan, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam