What is an Integrated Management System and What are the Requirements for Conducting an Integrated Audit for my Company?

An Integrated Management System or IMS is a single management system managing multiple aspects of an organization and its performance to meet the requirements of more than one management standard.

The level to which an organization uses one single management system to manage multiple aspects of performance to meet the requirements of more than one management system standard is called the Level of Integration.

The level of integration may range from a combined system adding separate management systems processes for each set of audit criteria to an Integrated Management System sharing single system documentation, management system elements and responsibilities.

Integrated Auditing is the act of auditing the integrated management systems. Auditors performing these audits must be qualified to audit against all management systems standards included in the IMS or have members on their audit team capable of auditing these standards.


TRC has established specific requirements for the planning and delivery of audits of IMS and the certification of an organization’s management system(s) against two or more sets of audit criteria/standards.

TRC utilizes a formula to determine the audit time for an audit of an IMS covering two or more management system standards/specifications, calculated by determining the required audit time for each management system standard separately, applying all relevant factors provided for by the relevant application documents and/or scheme rules for each standard; calculating the starting point for the duration of the audit of the IMS by adding the sum of the individual parts, and finally adjusting the starting point by taking into account factors that may increase or reduce the time required for the audit

Does Integrated auditing mean less scheduled audit time?

IMS Audits typically mean a reduced overall total audit duration when compared to typical audits of two or more management system standards.

The factors for reduction shall include but are not limited to:

  • The extent to which the organization’s management system is integrated;
  • The ability of the organization’s personnel to respond to questions concerning more than one management systems standard; and
  • The availability of auditor(s) competent to audit more than one management system standard.

The factors for increases shall include but are not limited to:

  • The complexity of the audit of an IMS compared with single management system audits.