Today, more and more organizations are outsourcing their management system internal audits to ensure they are more effective and provide real value. What better way to provide an effective internal audit than to use an internationally recognized Certification Body?  We draw on over 30 years of experience to ensure that your internal audits provide real value and contribute to your ongoing improvement efforts.

We have a network of auditors located throughout North America.  All of our auditors have extensive experience conducting third-party audits for internationally recognized Certification Bodies.

Less administrative work for you.

You are left to focus on your business and the core activities of your organization. We provide everything you need for one low cost. One of our client service managers contacts you in advance to schedule the audit and provide a complete internal audit plan.  Our client service manager provides one-stop contact – you never need to contact anyone else in our organization.

Your certification is on solid ground.

We make sure you are in control and aware of potential nonconformances. Your management system is reviewed through the eyes of a third-party auditor.

No unexpected or surprise costs.

Speak to a real person, right away. With TRC you can expect a firm, fixed price quote detailing your specific needs – with no surprises.

No training costs.

Using TRC for your Internal Audits means you won’t need to spend money, time, and effort on training internal auditors.

We only use experienced and professional qualified auditors.

We only provide auditors that have practical experience in your industry.

We identify improvement opportunities in your management system.

With our vast network of experienced auditors, we provide meaningful opportunities for improvement.