The Registrar Company


Pride in Service

The Registrar Company Inc. (TRC) prides itself on being the most innovative and Client service focused registrar in North America.

Our customer satisfaction process consists of dedicated Client Care Coordinators who regularly follow-up with their Clients to get timely feedback, which is then passed back to the audit team. This allows us to continually improve the way we operate and enhance the experience for our Clients.

Here’s what a few of our clients have to say about our registration and training services.

I have worked with various associates from the Registrar Company Inc. over the past 10 years with regard to ISO9001 / 14001 Registration and Maintenance Audits.

I have been extremely satisfied with their level of professional service and their dedication to their clients. They also have been a useful resource for me anytime I should have questions or concerns.

The Registrar Company understands the high standards we have and are most efficient in delivering and meeting our expectations. I would highly recommend working with them.

Susan D’Souza, Senior National Manager, Quality & Sustainability
Staples Advantage Canada


In early 2006 my company, T&K Machine, Inc., began discussing the need to become AS9100 certified in order to continue competing in the aerospace industry. The requirement was being flowed down to suppliers by our customers. We knew the day was coming that we would need to take the plunge.The Registrar Company was seeking a supplier who would allow them to perform the accreditation audit in order for TRC to gain the necessary approvals to become a certified AS9100 registrar.

Your auditor came in to perform the audit with a member of ANAB in tow. He was very professional and it was evident that he was very knowledgeable in his field.

In the years since, we have continued to have TRC come in for all of our AS and ISO audits. Their entire staff follows the book as far as communication, notifications, OASIS postings and general customer service goes. Anytime we need anything or have any questions, they are quick to follow up with us and provide the necessary answers. I fully recommend The Registrar Company for all of your ISO and AS auditing needs.

Doc Holladay, T&K Machine, Inc
Paris, TX


Our company has been ISO certified for the past 17 years. Three years ago, we decided that we wanted to find a registrar that would work with us to develop our continuous improvement plans. We were tired of the same old auditing in which an auditor simply did a superfluous check of our documentation but didn’t truly understand the nature of our business. After a lengthy search, we found your company and transferred our registration to you.

Since then, everything we requested in an auditor has been successfully fulfilled by your intelligent, professional auditing team. The auditors have taken the time to learn our industry and have been able to offer insights into all aspects of our business. The discussions on procedure and methodology have been beneficial and productive and we’ve developed new and improved methods of documentation based on the audits and exchange in knowledge.

Working with The Registrar Company has made the auditing process a worthwhile endeavour and your competitive pricing is an added bonus to the overall service.

Norman Mongiat, Southern Graphics Systems
Ontario Canada


We had used another large company for our ISO certification needs in the past, but a few items keep us coming back to TRC: Consistency between their auditors and the fact that we get the same auditor year after year

Their focus on the practical: if we say we are doing something “just for ISO” they say stop doing it, do what makes sense for your business and have your ISO manual reflect that.

The ease of booking and ease of invoicing, they are just easy to deal with as a supplier
We think this is what sets TRC apart for us; they of course have a high degree of professionalism and knowledge of ISO that we would expect out of any company in this line of work.

Matt Garcia, Kal Tire
BC Canada


Duron Plastics Ltd. auditor has been extremely helpful in helping us achieve a cohesive and understandable ISO program, which has been very beneficial to our company, his professionalism and recommendations have provided critical insight in developing the kind of ISO Standard our customers have come to appreciate and expect. Their staff has been very helpful in coordinating our ISO audits; I would highly recommend The Registrar Company to any company or organization seeking ISO Certification.

Barb Fita, Duron Plastics Ltd.
Ontario Canada


TRC has been very helpful and proactive in getting our surveillance and re-certification audits scheduled months in advance. It’s both comforting and re-assuring to know that we will experience no hiccups and that our audits are completed on time, thus our certification is continuous. Constant communication is key and TRC has been excellent in answering our questions.

Dave Giancola, Atlas Stamping
Newington, CT