We strive to be the most value-added and customer-focused Certification Body in the world

At TRC, we serve some of the largest organizations to some of the smallest organizations in North America; in the private and non-profit sectors, and government sectors. With local and trusted auditors located right in Guelph, TRC is uniquely able to provide your company local certification services and world-class service. With TRC’s large network of auditors located strategically throughout the world, we provide you with the service of an international provider with the benefits of being local.

Why TRC?

At TRC, we strive to bring you the highest value-added accredited certification to ISO 9001 in Guelph, ON. TRC has local auditors in Guelph which reduces your company’s travel expenses, and at TRC you can always expect world-class service you won’t get with other Certification Bodies.

Why TRC is Different

  • Dedicated Client Services Managers
    A Client Services Manager is assigned to each client to provide a single point of contact.
  • Certified 3rd Party Auditors
    The professionals delivering audits are key to our success.
  • Customer Satisfaction Process
    Feedback is collected on each audit and we work hard to incorporate your improvement suggestions.