2017 IAF MLA Annual Report

“IAF has just published its 2017 IAF MLA Annual Report, which sets out the detailed activity that is carried out as part of the peer evaluation process, to ensure that regulators, specifiers, and businesses can have confidence in accredited certification and the IAF MLA. The report contains details of scope extensions to the MLA, new applicants, new signatories, and a breakdown in the numbers of accredited certification bodies worldwide. It also highlights planned and future IAF activity.”

IAF MLA Purpose

“The purpose of the IAF MLA is to provide users, in countries with Accreditation Bodies that are IAF MLA signatories’, assurance that equivalent certifications and verification bodies in other countries operate to the same standards as those in their own country.

Accreditation granted by IAF MLA accreditation body signatories are recognized worldwide based on their equivalent accreditation programs, therefore reducing costs and adding value to industry and consumers.

“Certified Once, Accepted Everywhere”

In 2017, the IAF MLA comprised 4 Recognized Regional Accreditation Groups and 67 Accreditation Bodies in total representing 61 economies. Two of the 67 signatories are unaffiliated Accreditation Bodies.”

IAF Report Demographics

Peer Evaluation Process

“Accreditation Bodies are admitted to the IAF MLA only after a most stringent evaluation of their operations by a peer evaluation team which is charged to ensure that the applicant member complies fully with both international standards and IAF requirements.

IAF, and its accreditation body members, invest significant costs and resource to maintain the integrity of the MLA through robust peer evaluation. The MLA and its signatories are under constant review. The peer evaluation process is ongoing and extensive, covering all economies on a regular program.”


For a more in depth look at the report, and to learn about topics like IAF MLA Scope Expansion, Global Growth, Monitoring and Improvement Process, and more, download the full report here.