Exclusive Territory Partner Opportunity with TRC

We are pleased to announce a revolutionary program at The Registrar Company Inc. In keeping with our business vision, our new program has been designed to increase the value we provide to our clients as well ensure our audit team benefits from their effort. In order to provide improved service and reduced travel costs to our clients, we have created our Territory Program for Auditors.

In a nutshell, the program allows experienced auditors to work with us in an exclusive territory throughout North America creating financial equity as they provide auditing services to our clients located throughout the territory. The auditor will provide direct auditing services to our clients.

The program has been designed to provide an exit strategy for auditors that want to retire and receive something for their years of auditing and providing clients with great service. Our program allows you to “sell” your book of business in our exclusive territory.

We continue to try and provide real value added service to our clients and our audit team. We feel this program will remove one of the common issues for our clients – expensive travel costs while substantially providing both short and long term benefits for auditors that join the program.

We are looking to develop the best team of local auditors in assigned exclusive territories that will become our “go to” auditor in a given territory or region. We believe the program will benefit our client base by reducing travel costs, but also provide significant benefits to our team of auditors.

Here are some of the elements of the program:

  • All TRC accreditation rules will continue to apply to our auditors regardless of where they are located. Each auditor that is part of the program will need to be qualified to TRC prior to being accepted into the program.
  • We have designed over 90 specific territories throughout North America that are currently available. Each territory is an exclusive territory. All work in the territory will become assigned to the local auditor. TRC will continue it’s marketing efforts throughout North America to develop real opportunities in each territory.
  • Participating auditors will receive 65% of the daily audit rate for every day they audit.
  • The cost for an exclusive territory is $15,000. The auditor will own the territory and be able to sell the book of business. This provides some long-term equity for the auditors that are part of the program.

For additional information, contact us at info@theregistrarco.com